The OverToner is a distortion unit designed to expand the spectrum of your sound. You have the choice   between 13 overtoning functions. The expanded output signal could be processed with a two band analog approximated band pass filter.It is possible to activate/deactivate and parameterize each filter band independently. The filter sections and the distortion section provides its own dry/wet controller e.g. for parallel processing. All parameter settings could be stored and fast reloaded in one of four programmable user presets.



Product Highlights
  • Two analog approximated output filters
  • 13 overtoning functions
  • Four programmable user presets
  • Dry/wet controllers for each section
  • Smoothed controller fading

OverToner(v2) 2.20
Windows 32-Bit and 64-Bit version
Minimum Requirement: Windows 7




Change some small details or damage your sound beyond recognition. The dual-quad-band distortion concept of the DoubleToner gives you a variety of possibilities to enhance your audio production.
Play with the crossover filter to distribute the incoming audio band on the two independent distortion units. Change the color of the expanded sound with the four analog approximated band-pass-filter units. Use the crossover fader to mix the resulting bands to an individual processed output signal.


Product Highlights 

  • Dual-quad-band distortion concept
  • Four independent analog approximated filter units
  • Two independent distortion units
  • Four programmable user presets
  • Smoothed controller fadin

DoubleToner 1.20
Windows 32-Bit and 64-Bit version
Minimum Requirement: Windows 7




Based on a new adaptive distortion algorithm the SpaceScraper offers an innovative and wide sound range. From shrill whistling to soft bubbling everything is possible.
The SpaceScraper bundles a complex internal architecture in a very user friendly interface. Select one of the seven available modes to get a completely different sound impression. Try the influence of the parameters ‘Rise’ and ‘Fall’ and the analog approximated high-pass-filter. It’s magic!


Product Highlights

  • New adaptive distortion algorithm
  • Seven different sound processing mode
  • Complex effect easy to use 

SpaceScraper 1.10
Windows 32-Bit and 64-Bit version
Minimum Requirement: Windows 7




Dirty Filter

The DirtyFilter is mainly a bandpass-filter approximation, but in contrast to conventional filters it is based on a non linear algorithm. Due to this fact the filter behaviour is very unusual. It basically sounds like a normal filter, just a little bit dirtier.

The parameters are similar to a traditional filter:

Filter cutoff frequencey, or middle frequency (bandpass)

Filter resonance setting

The filter quality or q-factor is inversely proportional to the bandwidth

Controls the filter intensity (Dry|Wet controller)


SpaceScraper 1.10
Windows 32-Bit and 64-Bit version
Minimum Requirement: Windows 7





You want to turn your mix into something novel, like a dying Pac-Man or a rusty R2-D2? Do you have any idea how it could sounds when a dented bucket process your bassline?

Good old analogue technics implemented by using modern digital algorithms gives you a wide range of possibilities. The Canister33 can be roughly classified as a dynamic distortion unit with vocoder characteristics.

The signal processing chain consists of three steps:

  • Dynamic distortion by two series adaptive distortion filters.
  • Change spectrum range by frequency mixer.
  • Add additional overtones by a static distortion module



Frequency:  Adjustment of frequency range

Adaptive distortion filters:

  • Res N: Controls the resonance frequency of adaptive narrow band filter
  • Res W: Controls the resonance frequency of adaptive wide band filter

Intensity: Adjusts the influence of the static distortion effect.

Volume: Controls the output volume

Mode: Change internal processing mode.

  • Tinny or Rusty Tin:                   Old school like ‘chirping’ and ‘squelching’
  • Cosmic Interference or Defect: Very old school like science fiction sounds of the 1950s
  • Pixel Dancer:                            Experimental, reminds on video games of the 1980s

Presets: All controller settings can be stored and reloaded by 4 programmable user presets - refer to description  below


Canister33 1.0.2
VST3: 64-Bit version
VST2: 32-Bit and 64-Bit version
Minimum Requirement: Windows 10




User presets – short introduction

If you have dialed a desired parameter setting you can save it on any of the four preset buttons. To do this, you have to click the M-button (all preset-buttons will light up; memory modus is activated). Then click on the preset button where you want to store the new settings (memory modus will be deactivated automatically). Attention: Up to this point your settings are not stored on disk! For this,  our plugIns provides no own functionality. You can easily save your user preset settings on hard disk through the DAW (e.g. save project or save program).





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